Lie #7, #8 & #9

Don’t Overthink It, Go All In, Lose All Negativity

I grouped these lies together because that is the way they are usually presented to us.

Don’t Overthink It! Hmmm, yeah because anyone that is starting a business just goes blindly into it. NOT! When people start an offline business they aren’t told “Don’t Overthink It” it’s quite the opposite. Starting a business is a big deal especially if you are wanting to build a successful business. You should definitely overthink it.

What are your interests? Do you want to offer a service, products, etc? What are the long-term goals for your business? Why do you want a business?

Go All In! Now this one is just absurd. . .tell a newbie that has no list, no experience, no website, no autoresponder to “Go All In”. Basically, this is how they get you to “give them” your hard-earned money or part of your savings. They are using the potential income to help sway you in this direction. But the reality of it. . .when you are new you are not going to be making that “Go All In” money back anytime in the near future; if ever. Most people that start out trying to build an online business end up quitting. The statistics are not in the “newbies” favor. Why is that. . .simple, these misleading marketing tactics used by those that are selling the “Go All In’ BS are not teaching Newbies how to start growing their business at zero. So when the newbie doesn’t start seeing results they give up and quit. . .which is ok with the “Go All In” guru because he/she already got their money; and they’ll get more from the “next hopeful newbie”.

Lose All The Negativity! Well this completely goes against all balance of nature. Everything needs positive and negative energy to remain stable. . .an imbalance in this energy is outside of a healthy realm. We need a balance of positive and negative in our mindset as well; it keeps us from making irrational, spur of the moment, emotional decisions. That is what they want us to do.

The “mis-leading marketing tactics” are used to brainwash us into “sheep” so that we will blindly follow the “Self-proclaimed coach” and continue to give them our hard-earned money.

You don’t have to fall for or use any of those misleading tactics to grow an online business; I know I have successfully done it myself.

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