Lie #6

SOLO ADS: Fastest Way To Grow Your List

This is probably one of the biggest lies that I fell for when I started online! I signed up through a funnel that promised to hold my hand, give me step by step instructions until I made my first $5k online. . .their “big advice” was “Feed the system and it will feed you”! Oh my goodness. . .

Yea, so their idea of feeding the system was buying solo ads to grow my list. So being a “complete newbie” I was doing everything they told me because I bought into all that “step by step” BS they sold me. Needless to say thousands of dollars later (yes, thousands) I had grown a list of 300 subscribers. . .who didn’t even open my emails; let alone buy anything!

It wasn’t long after I realized this wasn’t going to work for me. . .me eating Ramen while those giving me were eating “Lobster” on my dime, that I figured out the “real” deal with SOLO ads.

They were all “Udemy”….that’s because they are all Udemy affiliates and make a commission for every SOLO ad you purchase through their links. Sure, you may get an occassional random sale from a Solo ad but you will go broke trying to grow a list from zero that will actually earn you money.

The other thing I soon realized was that most of them promoting “SOLO ads” were not using them. . .most of their sales were coming from their social media followers and/or their “tribe” (people who follow them around and buy everything they sell).

So I stopped buying ads. . .and focused on social media; guess what it works I started making sales and growing my list organically. I never have paid for another SOLO ad and never will!

Growing a list from zero will take time no matter how you try to grow it. . .so don’t go broke buying into the whole “SOLO Ads: grow your list fast” misleading advice for newbies BS.

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