Lie #5

Make Money While YOU Sleep

This is one of those “lies” that isn’t entirely a “lie”. Why do I classify it as a “lie” then? Let me explain. I am focusing on the Internet Marketing Newbie not the Successful Internet Marketing Guru who has been Marketing Online for years.

That’s where the “lie” is. . .Internet Marketing Newbies are not set up to make money while they sleep! The guru has been “working and building” their business for years; therefore they have a website, have an autoresponder, have a list, and also have what they call their “tribe”. . . the Internet Marketing Newbie doesn’t.

You can make money while you sleep after you have set your business up so that it enables you to do so. It will not automatically do this for you. . .yes you may get a random commission while you are sleeping however, if you are really wanting to make “real money while you sleep” then it is going to require that you put in the “work” to make that happen.

Depending on how much time, your finances, and work you put into building your business will determine how long it will take you to achieve your goals. However, you must remember YOUR business is unique to you and you cannot make any comparisons at all between YOUR business and anyone elses! That’s where a lot of newbies fall short. ..they think if they do what so and so says to do that they will also see the same results. That is not TRUE in any case.

YOUR business is unique to you! You have your own unique style, you’ll be marketing with your flair and you’ll attract people who “like, know, and trust” you. Everything about YOUR business is unique to you and no one else. . .so just be YOU, learn and apply what you learn. Be consistent and never give up if you truly want to be an Internet Marketer.

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