Lie #4

We Email Market Them For YOU!

OH my gosh. . .ridiculous. Do you really believe that they are marketing for YOU? Hello people. They are marketing yes but they are branding themselves to your leads and are taking your sales because of it. They know that most people are lazy and are looking for someone else to do the “work” for them. They count on you “not emailing” YOUR leads. . .then they can brand themselves with YOUR leads and get their business; yes they may market your link for this product to them; however, they will be promoting their other offers to them as well.

You need to have your own autoresponder and YOU need to be emailing your leads. Yes, no matter what company you are promoting for. . .they will also be emailing your leads and adding those people to their lists; that’s how it works! You need to be building that “like, know, and trust” relationship with your leads.

However, you need to be growing YOUR List not just the companies list. You need to be emailing YOUR Leads and not just relying on the company to do that for you because believe me the only one going to get success from that is the COMPANY; not YOU!

It’s not expensive to get and set up your own email autoresponder. I set up my own vps mailchimp autoresponder for around $80 upfront and my monthly cost is like $14 and yearly domain $20. .. for unlimited subscribers, unlimited campaigns etc. . . There are also 3rd party services like MailChimp that are free up to a certain number of subscribers and GetResponse if you use the referAfriend and do the $15 plan it can be free for you and someone you refer. You just have to make sure that you are not being a “spammy” marketer because that will get your account closed down.

So set your business up so that you are always branding YOU, building YOUR business; instead of someone else’s. It’s perfectly fine to promote someone else’s products/services etc that you can add income from however, you also need to make sure that first and foremost you are always branding YOU before anyone else!

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