Lie #3

Make $k’s in 30, 60, 90 Days

This is one of the mainly used “misleading marketing tactics”. They know that an Internet Marketing Newbie will more than likely will not. They play on the Newbie desire to earn money quickly online.

It’s far from realistic. . .I’m sure on very extremely rare instances that maybe 1 newbie may be able to make $1000 in their first 90 days. However, the reality is it takes more than 90 days to set yourself up in business (the right way) to start building your brand in order to increase your income.

It doesn’t happen quickly or without work to set yourself up.

You can make money online as a “newbie” but first you have to set yourself up to do so. Beverly and I can help you but we will be 100% honest with you about the “real work” that you need to do. . .no fluff and no misleading marketing tactics.

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