Hindsight for 2020

Seems like most people wanting to make money online start out by buying products and then end up disappointed that they have spent their money and haven’t earned a dime.

We aren’t knocking you because we did the exact same thing. It really makes no sense if you stop to really think about it. If we were looking to start an offline business we’d start by researching, finding a place to conduct business, etc. . .so strange that when we start online we want to skip right to the products and making money.

Now that’s out of the way. . . why not “start over”. Yes, start over like you are just starting out online. This time start from the beginning.

The two things that you must have to be successful online is a place to conduct business (personal domain/website) and an autoresponder; so that you can stay in contact with those who are interested in your business.

Yes you also need traffic. . . however, traffic is easy if they always know where to find you (your personal domain/website). There’s lots of Free organic traffic worldwide and for every niche.

So if you haven’t started seeing “real” results in your business. . .”start over”. They say hindsight is 2020. . .well let 2020 be your year for clear vision!

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